How To ‘Snap’ Out Of It

Tip #131: Put a hair-tie around your wrist, and whenever you feel an intrusive thought or a negative thought popping into your mind, snap it against your skin.

The Why: This tip is short, sweet and effective.

When you’re in the midst of a panic attack, your brain can run at a million miles per hour. Suddenly, a cacophony of awful thoughts invades your mind and takes over, fueling the fires of fear that are burning inside.


Back to reality.

Snapping the band against your skin (lightly), gives your body a slight shock, stopping the negative train of thought as it rolls down the tracks. The sudden break gives you a second or two to get back in control of your mind, and take over again.

Learning to associate the band snapping with being back in control, or stopping certain thoughts means that over time you will be able to quickly snap out of it (apologies for the attempt at humour).

It grounds you, bringing you back to the world around you, and reminds you to refocus.

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