Tip #122: Capture The Calm Moments

Tip #122: Take photographs of moments where you feel calm.

The Why: The first photograph ever taken by a camera was captured in 1826 by a man named Joseph Niepce in France. The camera was about 4″ tall, and had to be operated by two men, with the photograph needing to be exposed for up to four days before appearing.

I’m sure if you told Mr. Niepce that in just over a century, cameras would be able to fit in your pocket, and instantly capture any beautiful moment (or a not so beautiful selfie), he’d think you were rather mad (which may be true).

It’s something we often take for granted; the ability to take photos at the touch of a button, capturing all the best (and sometimes the worst) moments of our life, to treasure forever, or upload into the digital realm.

Photographs can also serve another purpose. Looking at a photograph evokes a series of emotions within us, emotions attached to the moment we’re looking at. The visual image can help you not only remember the time, but also how you felt during that time.

So, whenever you feel a sense of calm or happiness when surrounded by friends, looking at something beautiful, or even just when reading a lovely book, take a photograph of it.

Collect ten or fifteen photos of these particular memories and put them somewhere easily accessible so when you next feel sad or anxious, you can look at them, and feel the happy emotions associated with that moment.

Capture the calm.

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