Why Faith Is A Powerful Tool Against Anxiety And Depression

This is a post written by a very dear friend of mine about how faith in a higher power, the forces in the universe or even ourselves can help us overcome some of our darkest times.

I myself believe in G-d, so I would count myself as a person of religious faith. But more than this, I also have faith in the good in the world, and I have faith in my own strength.

Having faith in something is a powerful tool against anxiety and depression, because no matter how persuasive the evidence in front of your eyes that may be telling you that you can’t go on, that you won’t ever get better, that you are always going to feel like this, when you have faith, you can trust that these are lies.

Faith is an unshakable feeling. Faith is what keeps you going when you’re not sure you can. Faith is that moment of steel when everything feels so unsettled. Faith is knowing that it’s going to be okay.

In the words of the late, great George Micheal: “You gotta have faith-a-faith-a-faith.”

Tip #119: Have faith.

The Why: Yes, I think we can all agree that having faith, any kind, in fact, can be very hard. Especially when we are dealing with the booby-traps and trick doors that our mind unveils for us at times. But faith is a very strong weapon. Whether your faith is bound in religion or otherwise, this trick is a good one to have up your sleeve whenever your mind seems to spiral out of control.

Now, faith is described as having “complete trust or confidence in someone or something.” It could be God, a close friend, a parent, a notebook or journal, even your bed. Being able to rely on something is crucial. As humans we crave connections – not only with people, but things as well.

I’m not afraid to say that my faith literally liad in my bed for the first portion of my anxiety and depression, and that’s okay. Building faith in people may take you longer than you want, but ultimately, having faith in another person or being will help you through this journey more than you could ever imagine. Faith has the capacity to grow, from beds, to people, and even to yourself.

Having faith isn’t always an easy task, but one we should always strive for – especially having faith to believe in ourselves. Anything truly is achievable – we can move mountains and change the world when we believe through faith. Faith is a magical gift we can learn and eventually, through belief, gain a few mental hacks from.

In faith you gain strength – no, I don’t mean the power to lift insane amounts of weight over your head, I simply mean you gain the inner resolve to withstand turmoil and resistance. Wielding faith, especially in yourself, helps to slay the demons that try to corrupt your mind.

Faith also lends us courage. Courage can be easily confused with strength, as they are often grouped alongside the other. But, it is the ability to do what scares us, despite fears or dangers that may be presented.

It takes both strength and courage to deal with our anxieties. We won’t always win at the battles within us, but the strength we have through faith helps us get up and try again, despite having failures every now and then. Courage, on the other hand, gives us the ability to try new things that may frighten us, even though anxiety tells us otherwise.

Faith is a very handy weapon to have in your tool-kit, no matter what type of faith you may have, any and all come in use when dealing with the small demons that try to corrupt our minds when we least expect it.

So the next time you find your mind reeling with anxiety, ask yourself this – “What do I have faith in?” Then, over time, try to expand that faith into people and eventually, yourself. Because having faith in yourself will help you withstand not only your fears and demons, but maybe another person’s as well.

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