Tip #116: Grow Something

Tip #116: Grow flowers

The Why: Growth is a word that almost everyone aspires to. Throughout our lives there are constant moments where we go through a process of personal growth.

We become better, wiser, more mature. We advance to the next level of our lives. We change.

I suppose then the act of growing flowers is a metaphor for the personal growth we experience whilst on our anxiety journey.

Flowers have been proven to boost the mood of those in their presence. Perhaps this is because being amongst nature reminds us of the beauty that exists in the world, and helps us to remember that there is a whole system of life out there flourishing outside of our problems.

Having something bright and beautiful in your space to look at can make us feel more at peace and happier.

But one step better than buying flowers, is the process of planting and growing them yourself.

Through this, you can pick a flower that has a particular meaning to you.

Flowers all symbolize different things, and looking at a flower that holds an emotion or a quality that has a great importance to you can inspire you to continue forward and carry on.

For instance:

Bouvardia Double symbolizes enthusiasm and a zest for life.

Daffodil symbolizes rebirth, new beginnings, and eternal life.

The Gladiolus symbolizes strength of character.

Furthermore, planting and growing flowers gives you a sense of achievement and productivity. You are literally bringing a living thing into the world (without the pain of childbirth or having to then deal with its teenage mood swings).

Looking after something you’ve grown with your own two hands also gives you a sense of meaning and purpose in life, even if it seems like a small venture. The act of caring for something other than yourself can be calming, and gives you something to focus on.

To do all this, you don’t even need a garden. There are many smaller plant pots that you can buy and decorate your home with.

So dear reader, get out there and make this world beautiful!

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