Tip #113: Have A Nice Cup Of Tea

Tip #113: Have a cup of chamomile tea.

The Why: Chamomile tea? More like CALMomile tea. Get it? Calmomile?

Nope. No one?

Okay, awkward. On with the post.

Chamomile tea is often called the ‘tea of peace’ because it is known for its calming effects on the body.

In fact, scientific research has shown that the natural ingredients found in chamomile tea act like common anti-anxiety drugs, but without the side effects.

For all the history lovers out there, the calming effects of chamomile flowers (Matricaria Recutita) have even been used since ancient Rome!

Part of my night-time ritual now incorporates a daily cup of chamomile tea before I go to bed, as it also helps me sleep. This has been even more revolutionary as for those who have anxiety, sleep can often be an elusive and mysterious notion.

So, next time you’re feeling panicked or a little more on edge than usual, put on the kettle and let your nerves settle.

Hot Tea Tip: Carry a chamomile tea bag around with you. Just in case.

I just hope after reading this post, my joke makes a teeny tiny little bit more sense. Feel free to laugh.

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