Tip #107: A Quote A Day Keeps The Anxiety Away

Tip #107: Find one daily quote that sets the tone for your day.

The why: Some days you wake up in a bad mood. The kind of bad mood that even coffee, pancakes and a hug from a loved one can’t cure.

So what can you do to get yourself ready to face the world?

Well, each morning find a quote that resonates with what kind of day you have ahead.

For instance, if you have a big meeting, perhaps find one that inspires you to be your best business self. If you’re going to go do something lovely with friends, find one that makes you appreciate those around you. If you’re nervous about going on an adventure, find one that inspires your inner traveller.

Words can make better even the deepest internal pain or sorrow if you find the right ones.

This means that whenever you find there’s a moment in your day where you’re not feeling so great, you can immediately look at the quote, and feel a sudden surge of inspiration!

You could even make a journal of all the quotes you find. Not only will this be a great creative exercise (which boosts the mood), but it also means that you can track your emotions and your memories through all the different messages you’ve written down.

It also means that after a few weeks, you’ll have a little go-to guide of all your favourites so you can flick through and read them whenever you need a boost.

Now go forth, and start the day feeling inspired!

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