Tip #104: Add A Splash Of Colour

Tip #104: Wear brightly coloured socks.

The Why: Okay dear reader, I know I’ve suggested some pretty curious (read downright weird) things over the past 104 tips, but hopefully by now you trust me enough to know there is a method to my madness (literally).

There are going to be days where you feel, to put it softly, very very down about things.

We all have those days. Almost nothing can make them better.

Note the keyword ‘almost’ there. For there is one thing, that I have strangely found to brighten my day (literally).

Brightly coloured socks.

It’s very difficult to feel sad when I look down and see a pair of neon pink fuzzy socks covering my cold feet. Every time I take off my shoes I giggle a little.

Adding some colour to your wardrobe has actually been shown by science to improve the mood, as it is more aesthetically pleasing to the brain. Probably why peacocks look so damn smug all the time.

I guess what I’m also hinting at, is that sometimes it’s the little things, the really teeny tiny changes that we can make in our lives, that add up to make the biggest difference.

Every day we can do small things to help us overcome our anxiety, and fearlessly wear strange socks.

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