Tip #103: How To Keep Calm Through The Storm.

Tip #103: Talk to yourself in a calm voice when going through a panic attack.

The why: During an episode of severe anxiety, it can make you feel as though you’re literally going insane.

All these voices seem to fill your head with dark thoughts, terrified thoughts.

One trick I have learnt to get through such a moment, is to talk to myself in a calming voice in my mind.

So, even if I feel like I am about to go off the deep end, in my head I imagine myself speaking in the calmest voice possible saying:

“It’s going to be fine. You’re not going crazy. It’s just anxiety. It will end soon.”

No matter how awful I feel, I keep talking to myself in this way, drowning out all the negativity.

This really helps me keep calm and grounded through the storm of anxiety, because I reassure myself that I’m going to be okay.

As many people who have an anxiety disorder know, the worst thing someone can do is to fan the flames of your fear by also panicking.

For instance, I remember a time when I told my mother whilst we were out that I couldn’t breathe, to which she obviously responded by freaking the hell out too. This made me think that something was seriously wrong, and meant that I became so much worse.

So instead, if you’re having a panic attack, talk to yourself in the calmest most reassuring voice you can think of. Sometimes the soothing tones of Morgan Freeman or Gandalf really work for me.

Keep your head tightly on, even if your thoughts are doing all they can to unscrew it.

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