Tip #102: A Little Fact About Anxiety

Tip #102: Anxiety plateaus during a panic attack.

The why: During my brief encounter with CBT, one of the best pieces of knowledge I received was that during a panic attack, your anxiety reaches a peak where it can’t increase.

Some may be wondering how this knowledge helps decrease the stress that rattles around the mind during an episode. Let me explain.

Imagine a graph. Anxiety begins at a small, tiny dot at the bottom, then suddenly the line spikes upwards vertically, reaching incredible heights. But past a certain point, it can’t continue its climb. It stabilises itself and the line becomes horizontal.

This means that when you are in full on panic mode, it is as worse at it can be. This for me was rather reassuring, as it meant that the only way my anxiety could go was downwards from this point on.

So, whenever I’d have a panic attack, I’d remember what the doctor told me:

“Anxiety plateaus.”

Meaning that when it was at its height, I knew that it couldn’t get any worse, and that the symptoms would calm down eventually. I just had to ride it out.

This knowledge in itself would help me begin the climb down from the terrifying heights my anxiety took me to.

So, the next time you have a panic attack, just know that your body will stabilise itself, and calm down. Anxiety is limited.

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