Tip #99: Baking Bad (Or Good)

Tip #99: Bake.

The why: Because you end up with delicious treats, that’s why!

Do you need any more motivation than the promise of pie or cake?

Just in case you do, here’s my logic:

Anxiety can do a lot of odd things to the mind. It can completely consume your thoughts and your time. Wouldn’t it be better to instead consume tasty treats?

The actual act of baking itself has been shown to be a relaxing venture because of the concentration it requires. If you’re focusing on following a recipe, it quietens the mind (which is a good thing as souffle’s collapse at loud noises) and gets your brain thinking about something else. Something wonderful.

I’m now only thinking about cake already.

Baking also helps give you a sense of productivity and purpose, even if it’s for a short time. The end result of doing a good job releases the happy hormones, and reduces your stress levels. Feeling a sense of accomplishment at getting good at something, or even just trying something new can make you feel like a winner baby!

Also, everything in moderation, but eating things like sugar and cocoa get your dopamine levels flowing. Each mouthful chocolate chipping away at your anxiety.

Plus, if you get good enough, you can start baking for other people, and nothing makes you quite as happy as helping others (just ask evolutionary scientists!).

Here’s a simple, but delicious, recipe to get you started:


Now go out there and bake yourself happy! I promise to stop with all the buns now…okay that was the last one I promicing. No, really, I’m done with the puns now.

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