Tip 97: If You Can Get Through The Next 30 Seconds You Can Get Through Anything.

Tip #97: During a panic attack or when you feel very anxious, break it up into 30-second blocks.

The Why: When going through a panic attack, it can seem to last forever.

Time stretches itself out, every second feeling like an eternity.

Like, the very first panic attack I had lasted for four terrifying hours. I don’t even have the concentration to binge-watch my favourite show on Netflix for that long!

So, how can we make time slow back down without changing the three arrows of temporal shifts?

Break it up into thirty-second chunks.

Count 30-seconds in your head. 

Visualise the numbers in your mind. Imagine how they look, how they taste (?)

Pour all your concentration into counting up to 30.

When the clock strikes the big three-zero, congratulate yourself. You made it through that thirty seconds.

Then start again.

Keep going and going and going until your brain realises that you’ve made it through however many sets of 30 and survived, and so there is no immediate danger. 

The counting will also force your brain to concentrate on something other than your anxious thoughts, which will calm you down.

Because really, life can be broken down into thirty-second chunks, and if you can get through the first thirty, then the next, then the next, then the next, you can get through anything.

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