Tip #92: Oh, I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Tip #92: Enlist your friends to help you overcome your fears.

The why: Doing things alone can be empowering, reassuring, but also in many cases, much harder.

Sometimes we worry that we are overburdening your friends with our stream of anxious consciousness (even though they most likely do not perceive it in this way), so we end up attempting to go it alone.

Opening yourself up and talking about your mental health can be very painful and difficult, but there are other ways, fun ways, you can enlist your friend’s help in defeating your fears.

Things like going to parties, travelling to new places, experiencing things that force you to put yourself out there can all be absolutely terrifying. Particularly if you end up at a life drawing class by yourself, and accidentally assume you have to be the naked model (not that that’s ever happened to me before).

So, even if you feel you can’t or don’t wish to reveal too much to those around you, you can still ask them to accompany you on adventures and explorations.

Here’s your challenge, dear reader:

Ask your friend to do one thing with you that is out of your comfort zone this week.

Just to show it can be done, here’s what I did today:

My friend is a wonderful photographer and asked me if we could do a photoshoot together. In public.

My immediate reaction was to throw a large duvet over myself and never let anyone see my face again.

However, I knew that he would be patient, understanding and caring with me, and as always, help push me out of my comfort zone.

So far out of my comfort zone that I would no longer inhabit the same universe as that very small space.

So, out in the blazing sun he snapped me, in front of crowds of people walking by. Me attempting to pose. Me tripping over whilst standing in one place. Me trying to smile and looking like I ate a very sour lemon. But you know what, it was one of the most rewarding things I’ve done in a long time in regards to my personal growth.

Shaking off the social awkwardness and shame made me feel more confident, like I could dance in public (not recommended if you’re as bad a dancer as me), or say yes to more things outside of the usual.

There are many ways the people around you can support you, and helping you break all the way out of your comfort zone and throwing you into the deep end of a fearless future is one of them.

It’s a win-win situation!

Plus, things always seem far less scary with a friend’s hand clasped around your own.

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