Sunshine Blogger Award x2

Wow. So, I feel very honoured and overwhelmed to have been nominated by two fellow incredible bloggers: – A fantastic blogger whose insights on all life has to offer brings joy to my day.

and – Who writes like the greats and has style for days.

I would like to thank both of them for their encouragement, and for their amazing work!

So, the rules are:

  • Thank the person who nominated you. Give the link of their blog.
  • Answer 11 questions sent by the person.
  • To receive the award nominate up to 11 new bloggers.
  • List the rules and display the sunshine award logo on your blog.

So, my answers are:

  1. Most memorable day of your life?

The most memorable day of my life was probably quite a strange one in the grand scheme of things. Everyone sort of has this notion that the most memorable moments or days or weeks are the ones where some big, life changing moment happens, and that is true. But these moments can also be found in the small – my siblings and my father had just moved cities and into a brand new house, I was painting my little brothers room, the sun was streaming in through the window and for the first time after a long bout of depression, I finally felt like I was happy.

Or at least, that I could be happy again. That was the first day in a long journey of recovery.

  1. The most beloved feeling you have ever felt, Explained in detail?

Probably the feeling of sitting outside on a hot night, the smell of summer, a small breeze on your face and a sky full of stars. It’s a feeling of pure peace. How cliche of me.

  1. Favourite destination you have travelled to?

100% Uganda. Beautiful country with the most vibrant colours, and the most friendly people on the planet.

  1. Most memorable dream you have ever had?

I am driving around in a small car with a ginger vampire in a rose garden. Weird right? My subconscious is up to some shady things I’m sure of it.

  1. Most desired destination you wish to visit someday?

I really, really want to see the northern lights before I die.

  1. Best Trait in your writing style?

I would love to say my humour, but perhaps I am the only one that finds myself hilarious.

  1. If you could have one superpower what would it be?

    Teleportation – Free travel and the ability to pop home whenever I wished would really take the edge off my anxiety.

  2. If you could attend any event what would it be?

    Definitely a Fleetwood Mac concert.

  3. If you could be someone or something for a day what or who would it be?

    Prime Minister of the UK – I would change the world and make everyone wear fuzzy, colourful socks.

  4. If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be?

    Most likely the pope even though I’m not Catholic, because I feel he’d give some pretty awe-inspiring advice and guidance.

  5. If you could travel back in time, which year would you visit and why?

    I would visit the year that they invented fire, just to see their faces!

  6.  What is feminism?

    The equality of the sexes.
  7.   Are you a night person or a morning person?

    Definitely morning – I wake up every day at 5 am, or try to at least.

  8.  What’s your favourite song?

    Hardest question on here, but probably This Time by Love Darling – it always makes me smile.

  9.  Describe the one thing that is more precious to you than your life?

    Everyone I care about.

  10. What all things do you find intriguing?

    I find the mysterious beginning of our universe intriguing. Physics is cool.

  11.  If I could turn back the time…. #fill_it_up

    I would probably not change anything. If you’re happy with the person you are, then you can’t wish for things to have been different, even if they’ve been hard.

  12. Cats or dogs?

    Both are so cute and fluffy I refuse to decide and you can’t make me.

  13. Witty or sarcastic. Which one are you?

    A healthy dose of both darling.
  14.  What do you wish to have in your life to make it better?

    More books. Lots more books. Oh and a puppy. Lots of puppies.

    So, my questions are:1) Where do you see yourself in five years time?
    2) What is your biggest regret?
    3) What is your biggest achievement?
    4) Why did you begin blogging?
    5) What is your favourite colour and why?
    6) What is your favourite childhood memory?
    7) What was your favourite subject at school?
    8) Fiction or non fiction?
    9) If you could live in any fictional world, what would it be?
    10) Who is the person who has had the biggest impact on your life?
    11) What is your life’s motto?

And the amazing bloggers I am nominating are:

Love you all.

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