The One Trick You Need To Start Thinking You’re Good Enough

Tip #91: Make a list of all the things you have achieved in your life, and be proud of them.

The why: In life (but particularly when you have anxiety) it can sometimes feel as though everything you do is wrong.

Like there’s this annoying individual who seems to never run out of breath screaming:

“You’re not good enough.”

Over and over and over again.

In fact, they say it so much that you begin to believe it.

This is because our thought patterns eventually become our reality. If we have a constant negative narrative around ourselves and our behaviour, then we see everything through a grey lens, rather than seeing the amazing, colourful, beautiful creatures we are.

So how do you challenge a voice that is that loud?


If it were a person you could just fire a shhhhhhh right in their face, but alas it is your own mind that you are fighting.

So, you silence it with reason.

I began using this very simple, but highly effective, method and have genuinely seen an improvement in the way that I think about myself.

But more than this, I realised that the better and more positively I thought about myself and my achievements, the better I was doing at work, at university, and in life.

This is because I had begun to silence that voice that had been holding me back for such a long time. We may not even realise it, but that inner saboteur can reek havoc up in our brains if allowed to fester.

This is for one simple reason: we don’t go for things that we think we’re not good enough to do.

So when I began feeling like I was good enough and (non-arrogantly) admiring the achievements I had, I started taking on more challenges, which pushed me forward in my journey.

After that introduction, here it is:


Write a list of all your achievements, and do one thing you can add to it every day.


Think long and hard, all the way back through your life, and write a comprehensive list of all the awesome things you have done, and make sure you hang it somewhere you can see it.

It may feel uncomfortable, like you’re bragging or showing off, but it’s for your eyes only, so let it all out!

Were you in a school play when you were younger? Have you ever taken initiative at work? Ever written a good essay? Ever taught yourself a skill? Ever kept a friendship longer than a decade? Ever blocked the number of someone who was causing you stress? Can you run for more than two minutes without passing out?

If you’ve done it, write it down, no matter how small some of them may seem.

Once you’ve written it, reflect on your life, and actually allow yourself to be proud. Show yourself that you are an amazing human being who has done some pretty awesome things. A human being who will continue to do some pretty awesome things.

Now here’s the second part. Well, more of a challenge to you dear reader.

Do something every day that you can add to the list, whether that’s immediately, or working along a time frame.

For instance, start learning a language, donate some food or clothes to a homeless shelter, actually begin a work out routine, drink the recomended daily amount of water, do some self-care, start a blog, submit a poem to a journal, text your crush, ask for a raise at work.

This exercise will show you that actually, you’re doing pretty gosh darn good. You can do anything. Now go out into the world, and realise how amazing you truly are!

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