Tip #82: One Down, How Many To Go?

Tip #82: Fix one problem that is worrying you.

The why: When you have anxiety, everything can feel out of your control.

It can feel like your entire life is spiralling out of your hands.

This is why taking back your agency and taking your problems by the reigns can show your mind that you are the only one with the power.

But fixing the source of your worries can be a daunting and overwhelming task.

This is why I would highly recommend starting small.

Figure out one thing that is currently causing your mind to spin and your heart to race and face it head on.

For instance, currently, I am in full on revision mode and as a result, my room may have gotten a little bit messier than usual.

My desk is a cascade of colour-coded notes and scraps of paper, empty coffee cups and maybe one or two (ten) packets of empty biscuits.

My slight OCD means that the state of my room is causing me just a teeny-tiny bit (a lot) of stress.

So, yesterday I decided to take back control.

I did a full on spring-clean. And no, not just to procrastinate from work.

Although it was a small and manageable task, slowly working through the things that are currently contributing to my anxiety makes me feel that I am back in the driving seat.

I proved to myself that my worries can all be defeated.

Make a list of all the things stressing you out or causing you anxiety, and try fixing one.

Let your mind know that you are here, and you’re not backing down.

You have the power. 

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