Tip #81: Five Ways To Help Regulate Your Life

Tip #81: Find ways of regulating your life, so you have less things to stress about.

The why: When you’re going through a particularly stressful period in your life, whether that’s at work, at school, or within the home, your mind can be so full of thoughts that we forget the small yet important stuff.

We start letting things slip.

It’s so important, even in the midst of an absolute rush of worry, panic and AHHHHHH to take care of ourselves, and the people around us.

But this can be difficult when we have a million things on the mind.

Forgetting which groceries you need, forgetting to pick up toilet paper or toothpaste, forgetting to do our laundry and subsequently having the wear the same pair of underwear twice (don’t judge me we’ve all been there), forgetting to eat, forgetting to sleep.

Ah, just looking at this list is making me stressed!

To make sure you keep up with all the small but important tasks, here are five of my best ways to regulate your life.

Nothing gets past you.

Number One – Create A Shopping List And A Standing Order 

We are all forgetful sometimes, but especially when we have so many other things that require our mental attention.

Forgetting toothpaste or milk can turn a good morning into a bad one.

How I’ve combatted this is to write a shopping list of all the things I need for the week, and then having a standing order every Saturday to make sure I have a fridge stocked full of all the things I need, so I never miss out on a good cup of tea.

Number Two – Set Aside Set Times To Eat Something

Eating is so important. Particularly when you need the energy to get through whatever is stressing you out.

Food is the fuel of the body and the mind, without it, neither are functioning properly, meaning you’re more tired, and more vulnerable to the bad days.

Getting into a routine of eating at certain times not only stops you from stressfully putting on too much weight, or dropping too much weight but also ensures that you have enough fuel to keep things moving smoothly.

For instance, for me it’s:

breakfast at 8 am, a snack at 11 am, lunch at 1.30 pm, a snack at 3.30 pm, a snack at 5 pm, and dinner at 7.30 pm with chocolate at 8.30 pm.

Number Three – Pick A Laundry Day And Stick To It

There’s nothing worse than running out of socks.

Okay, that’s a massive exaggeration. There are literally millions of things worse than running out of socks. Spiders. Things with eight legs. Things that produce webs. Did I mention spiders?

But, cold feet is still a hassle, and one that can be easily avoided by doing your washing.

When we’re running around town with a million things to do, the washing basket ends up almost as full as the mind.

Setting a time each week to put on a wash ensures that you always have a pair of clean socks (and other things) in the drawer at all times.

Number Four – Go To Sleep And Wake Up At The Same Time

This one is pretty self-explanatory. As in, I have already explained it myself.


Number Five – Schedule Time To Check In With Friends

For me, sometimes when I am in the throws of meeting a stressful work deadline, revising for exams, or just not in the best of mental places, I tend to let my messages build up.

Sometimes, you’re so busy that you just don’t have time or headspace to respond. And that’s okay. But leaving friends neglected and ignored, that’s not so okay.

Trust me, I’ve learnt this the hard way.

It’s important that even when you are stressed, you still make time for the people that love you and care about you, and make sure you don’t get so wrapped up in your own worry that you end up not being there for people when they need you.

We are all guilty sometimes of looking at our phones, seeing someone has messaged, and forgetting until it’s two weeks later and you feel such a strong sense of guilt that you avoid them and it, leaving their words floating around in the ether.

If you set aside even fifteen minutes each day at a certain time when you respond to all those unread messages, texts and WhatsApp’s, you’ll never forget to respond again. I use the time when I am on the

I use the time when I am on the bus or tube to make sure I keep in contact.

Happy friends, happy you.

Remember, regulate what you can. Take a washing load off.

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