Tip #77: Puzzles Puzzles Puzzles

Tip #77: When feeling anxious, do a puzzle.

The why: Because they are super fun.

But not just that, whenever I feel anxious, I put on my anti-negativity playlist and do my puzzle.

This is because fitting the pieces of a jigsaw together does three things.

Firstly, it completely distracts the mind. It occupies your brain and your hands and forces you to concentrate on something other than worry or fear.

Secondly, there is a serious sense of achievement of completing something, that makes you feel productive and good about yourself.

Thirdly, when it feels like the strands of your life are coming apart, fixing something and putting it back together feels like you have the power to do so in other parts of your life.

Do not estimate the power of a puzzle.

Plus, when you’re done, they can make great pictures to frame or give to your friends!

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