How To Create A Compliment Jar

Tip #72: Create a jar of compliments you have recieved to read on the bad days.

The why: Okay, I can see how it looks.

Keeping a jar of all the lovely things people have said about you may seem a little bit conceited or vain, but really it serves a far greater purpose than just to soothe the ego.

When you have anxiety, you can begin to think incredibly negative thoughts about yourself. So much so, that it can take over your mind.

Eventually, you find it hard to see the positive in yourself.

Having a jar of compliments around to read on the bad days is a great way to counter those thoughts.

You can include praise from professors on essays, friends, people on the internet, dating apps, your boss. Anything goes!

Reading through nice things people have said about you, lets you know that what your brain is telling you just isn’t true.

This exercise is about finding the positivity in your life, even when there is not a lot to spare inside of yourself.

(Admittedly my jar so far consists of various compliments from my mother.)

It’s like a positivity treasure chest that you can keep and read whenever you’re feeling like you’re not good enough.

Now have a think, and let me know: what’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?

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7 thoughts on “How To Create A Compliment Jar

  1. This is a good idea! I think I will make a page in my bullet journal so I can look back on it. I would do a jar but I don’t have anymore room on my selves!

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