Tip #70: Block That Newsfeed

Tip #70: Block your Facebook newsfeed.

The why: One of the greatest sources of anxiety can come not from ourselves, but from our comparison to other people.

On social media, and we’re all guilty of this, we present our best selves.

People tell the stories of their lives through posts and photographs, revealing only what they want others to see.

It’s a one-sided narrative, and usually a highly positive one.

So, when we’re already feeling anxious, scrolling through the seemingly perfect lives of those on our newsfeed can make us feel worse, like we’re missing out on so much. It serves as another way of self-torment.

We see someone on an amazing holiday and feel bad because we may be too scared to travel.

We see people at parties and feel bad because sometimes we’re too socially anxious to take part.

We can get a serious case of feeling inferior.

Various studies have shown the damaging effects of social media on mental health, because we’re only seeing people’s best lives, and comparing ourselves to a constructed standard.

A great way to combat this (and boost productivity) is to kill that newsfeed.

Here’s how:

Google ‘Kill Facebook Newsfeed’ and download this Chrome extension for free. Then enjoy your comparison free existence online.

You can still update your status, message your friends and check in on any groups you’re part of, but instead of spending hours scrolling through your newsfeed seeing exes, terrible news updates and literally everyone getting married in beautiful places, you only see the stuff that’s important to you.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 20.01.12.png

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