Tip #68: 5 Ways To Regulate Your Sleeping Pattern

Tip #68: Get some rest with a regulated sleeping pattern.

The Why: This is a great tip for those who love their bed.

Your body and your mind are like batteries, and like all batteries, they need recharging.

This is what sleep does, it recharges you.

If you are sleep deprived or tired, your whole body stops functioning at 100% making your day far more difficult.

For those with anxiety, the most notable reason why being tired can cause extra issues is that your mental defences are down.

Imagine for a second your brain, with a massive fortress around it (no, I don’t mean the skull).

When you have had enough sleep, all the bad and negative thoughts that try to break through are repelled by a massive fully-charged electric fence. They are far easier to deal with.

However, if you’re tired, the electric fence is not working at full capacity, allowing all the bad and negative thoughts to clamber the wall and take over.

If you want a fully charged fence, and to feel less anxious during the day, you need to get some rest.

Have you ever seen those toddlers that throw tantrums at being woken up? I would say even as adults when we’re tired that’s exactly how we feel on the inside.

Anxiety is emotionally exhausting, and without proper rest, you will find yourself struggling even more.


Number One – Set A Time Each Night And Stick To It

This one is so crucial. If you wish to regulate your sleeping pattern, you have to be strict with yourself.

No more ‘oh just one more episode’ or ‘let me just check Facebook one more time’.

If you set your bedtime at 10.30 pm every night, stick to it.

This is because eventually your body will know that at 10.30 pm, it is time to sleep, and so you’ll find yourself drifting off with ease.

Number Two – Slowly Decrease Your Bed Time In Half An Hour Blocks.

If you’ve been going to bed at 2 am every evening, and suddenly try to switch to being tired by 10.30 pm every night your body won’t have time to adjust to what’s happening.

You’ll crawl into bed nice and early, but your brain will still be in ‘awake and party mode’.

“I’m not tired, I’m usually up for another four hours! Let’s have some fun!”

The likelihood is, you’ll lie awake for hours and hours thinking about life (don’t do this), getting frustrated and annoyed.

Instead, reduce what time you go to sleep every night by half an hour, so your brain has time to adjust. By the end of a week you’ll be snoring and snoozing at the time of your desire, and 2 am will be a time reserved for New Year’s Eve.

Number Three – Don’t Look At Your Phone An Hour Before Bed. Read instead.

We all do it. Before we go to sleep, we check our Twitter, Facebook, message people, scroll through Instagram, heck even E-mails.

But looking at screens before bed causes a great amount of light to enter the eyes, which tricks your brain into waking up.

If you put your phone away before it’s time to sleep, you will find yourself drifting off far easier.

To be extra productive, try to read for half an hour every night before bed. It’s calming, relaxing, sleep-inducing, and is a great habit to get into.

Number Four – Have A Chamomile Tea.

Tea is just the best thing.

But Chamomile Tea is off the charts awesome. It contains calm-inducing ingredients, meaning if you have one of these bad boys before bed, you’ll be soothed into a lovely slumber.

Number Five – Wake Up At The Same Time Each Morning.

Similarly to the first on this list, if you set a time to wake up each morning, stick to it.

This is because your body will eventually learn to regulate itself to wake up and fall asleep at the right times.

It’s a miracle!

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