Tip #61: Puppy Love

Tip #61: This tip is short and sweet: find and pet a cute animal.

The why: Seriously? You need a why for this one?

Petting animals is backed up by science (gosh, I love science) to boost the mood and improve happiness.

That’s why they have puppy days in schools and universities, because not only are they super cute and fluffy, but also release serotonin and dopamine when we cuddle them.

Serotonin and dopamine are the happiness hormones, giving you an immediate anxiety-reducing hit of joy.

6 thoughts on “Tip #61: Puppy Love

      1. I still visit them maybe once a week but It’s not the same :/ I don’t get to sleep next to them or take them for a walk or watch them play all day 😦 I miss them all. Thanks for commenting and checking out my post BTW!


      2. I really want to! But I fear that the dog won’t be happy enough because I have work and school, plus no yard for him to run :/


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