Tip #60: 60 Self Care Ideas

Self-care is so important. Now go have some serious you time.

If you feel like pampering yourself:

 1. Have a long, hot bath

2. Paint your nails

3. Exfoliate

4. Cut your toenails

5. Book a massage

6. Masturbate

If you feel like getting out some anger:

     7. Burn your to-do list

     8.  Block that toxic person’s number

   9. Do aggressive push ups whilst repeating the things you’re going to overcome to      release some anger.

If you need a drink:

10. Drink a glass of wine

11. Have a cup of tea

12. Have a hot chocolate with whipped cream

13. Drink a large glass of water.

If you want to watch something:

14. Have an evening to watch your favourite TV show

15. If you need to cry, watch a film that will make you sad

16. If you need to feel happy, watch a film that makes you happy

17. Watch silly Youtube Videos of Animals

If you feel like comfort eating:

18. Buy your favourite cake and eat all of it

19. Order your favourite take away.

20.  Cook yourself your favourite meal

21. Try a new recipe

22. Bake some delicious treats

23. Eat your favourite chocolate without feeling guilty

If you feel like some retail therapy:

24. Buy a beautiful plant

25. Buy something that makes your room feel happy

26. Buy an outfit you feel amazing in

If you feel like being creative:

27. Do something creative

28. Read a book for half an hour

29. Sing your favourite song out loud

30. Enjoy colouring books

31. Look up some writing prompts and write

32. Make silly faces at yourself in the mirror

33. Dance to your favourite song

If you need to reach out:

34. Call your parents

35. Call your best friend

36. Book a therapy appointment

37. Vent furiously to a friend, a pet, a mirror or a word document

If you need to get snuggly:

38. Get into your comfiest pyjamas

39. Hug someone

40. Pet a cute animal

If you need to get outside:

41. Go do something in your city you’ve never done 

42. Go outside and watch the sunrise or sunset

43. Go for a walk amongst nature

44.  Try some easy peasy outside yoga moves

If you need to switch your mind off:

45. Pray

46. Meditate

47. Take half an hour to scroll through Instagram and look at memes

If you need some inspiration:

48. Plan a dream holiday – even if you never go

49. Check out www.upworthy.com for a daily dose of humans being great

50. Listen to your anti-anxiety playlist

51. Read some inspirational affirmations

If you need to tidy:

52. Put on fresh clean bed sheets

53. Tidy something small

54. Clear out old clothes

If you need a proper break:

55. Collapse in bed

56. Take a mental health day off work and call in sick

57. Turn off your phone

If you need some self-love:

58. Write down three positive qualities you have

59. Look back through lovely photos and memories

60. Tell your reflection ‘I love you’

61. Know that this bad time is transient

9 thoughts on “Tip #60: 60 Self Care Ideas

  1. I’m totally going to add these to my self-care page in my bullet journal! Thanks for the ideas! I’m so bad at the whole self care thing mostly because I’m not a total girly girl.


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