Tip #59: The One Secret That Self-Help Doesn’t Teach You.

Tip #59: Know that if you think it will work, it will work.

The why: There are so many great self-help resources out there in the world. Affirmations, meditation, positive thinking, yoga, tea, even wearing bright coloured socks.

They’re all valuable tips and are excellent ways of coping with anxiety.

But they all seem to leave one very crucial point out:

They only work if you believe they’re going to work.

So much of overcoming anxiety is about reprogramming your mind and taking back control of your brain. Hushing the mutiny happening in your neurones.

So, if you’re trying to utilise these tips and tricks to overcome anxiety, but don’t tell your brain that they’re going to work, your poor mind won’t be able to keep up with the mixed messages!

For instance, when I first began drinking a glass of water everytime I became anxious to calm down, I thought:

“This is so silly, I am going to have to pee constantly for the next hour, this is never going to work”.

What do you think happened, dear reader?

Yup. It did absolutely nothing.

But I am not one to give up on experiments easily, so I sat myself down and said:

“Damn it Ruth, this is going to work. I promise. People recommend it highly so there must be something there. It’s going to work.”

Lo and Behold, it actually really helped!

The reason why? Even if water had nothing to do with alleviating my anxious symptoms, the very fact that I truly believed it was going to help meant that my brain connected the dots like Sherlock Holmes and associated drinking water with calming down.

The mind is an incredibly powerful, powerful machine. A powerful machine that you can use to your advantage. 

No matter how silly or cliche something may seem, don’t be a cynic.

You have to believe it’s going to work, and that those brightly coloured socks can cure you. Do this, and it will.

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