Tip #57: 7 Great Ways To Declutter Your Space

Tip #57: Clear out your room.

The why: Okay, I know I sound like an angry parent or carer right now, but trust me on this.

When you have anxiety, everything can feel a bit busy and a bit much. Chaos in the mind can begin to create chaos in your surrounding environment. 

Papers stacking up that you aren’t in the headspace to deal with. Loads of old and odd pairs of socks. A wardrobe you barely even want to look at because most of it is on the floor. Clutter and dust.

Your room can begin to feel like an imposing and full space, when really a person’s room should be their sanctuary. A place that is welcoming and makes you feel relaxed and safe.

No one can be truly relaxed knowing that they can’t find a clean pair of underwear. And if you read that last sentence and disagreed, you probably need to do some laundry (Only kidding).

Recently when I moved house, I saw it as a chance to begin again. To clear out all the old junk in my room that was just taking up space and making the place look like a hurricane had taken up permanent residence (not even paying rent I might add).

Here are my ten top tips on how to successfully declutter, and give yourself some peace of mind.

  1. Create a space in your calendar for this event.

    Doing such a monumental task can seem like a bit too much, hence why the majority of us avoid it for so long (myself included). Setting aside an entire day to go through everything compartmentalises the problem and makes it manageable, and gives you time to mentally prepare yourself for the job.2. Create a playlist.This may seem a strange tip to include, but honestly there is nothing more tedious that sitting in silence trying to decide if you really need to keep that jumper you haven’t worn since 2007 and is definitely too small for you.

    Creating a fun playlist full of your favourite tunes can make the time pass quicker, and boost your mood.

    3. Write a checklist of all the things that need sorting.

    Organisation is the key to success with this sort of task. Writing a list of the things that need to be done not only feels amazing when you tick things off and see a tangible progress but also ensures that no stone (or pillow) is left unturned!

    For instance, a list could include: Sort through clothes, sort through papers, chuck away old bits of rubbish, go through book shelves, change my sheets, go through old bags to remove any odd bits and bobs, throw away old makeup.

    4. Buy some stationary.

    Stationary is super fun to purchase! But also, can really help get your life in order.We all have tonnes of papers floating about, some important, some not so important, old essays, old hospital letters, receipts, bank statements.

    Organising them into files can change your life! It not only consolidates them into a small section of your room, but also next time you need to call an important number, or check your spending, you’ll know exactly where to look.

    5. Set an intention to donate your old clothes and books to charity shops.

    This is a great way to not only do something amazing for your community but also to motivate you to get the job done and do some good!

    Also, it’s much easier to decide to let go of old items knowing that they’re going to someone in need, or are going to help to change the world.

    6. Buy some boxes.

You find after going through all your belongings that there are a tonne of objects that    you don’t really want to throw away, but also don’t know where the hell to put.

Buying some pretty boxes can rationalise all these odd items into neat and tidy areas.        Out of sight, but still there whenever you may want them.

       7. Treat yourself to some room decoration.

Whether its a simple thing like sticking photos on your walls, putting up posters,      buying some fairy lights or even purchasing a brand new funky comfy duvet set, make sure that your room really feels like your room. A place where you want to be. A place like home.

FullSizeRender (24)

 Now that that’s all done, have a nice cup of tea, and relax.

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