Tip #56: This Piece Of Advice Is A Real Gem

Tip #56: Buy Jewellery that not only looks pretty but also carries a message.

The why: Jewellery has been worn since the dawn of time.

FullSizeRender (18)
My ring that says ‘She believed she could so she did’.

Originally, and by originally I mean 45,000 years ago, it was used to signify each person’s role in the community. Big chiefs would wear the teeth of their prey to show how strong and able they were. Healers would wear the bones of the people they didn’t heal (slightly creepy) to show which doctors were the best and worst.

In fact, interestingly, they found the body of a girl buried from 25,000 years ago, covered in 5,203 ivory beads. Each bead would have taken around 45 minutes to make. Not bad for our ancestors eh?

Sorry for that anthropology lesson, but the point is, that jewellery has always carried with it significant meaning.

FullSizeRender (23)So, buying jewellery that has inscribed a message of hope, words of wisdom or even something that makes you laugh can serve as an important reminder to keep your head up when the weight of the world is pulling it so far down.

It’s a wearable affirmation.

Plus, when your head is down, it’s the perfect direction to look at your ring or bracelet, read the affirmation, then snap your head right back up and keep going!

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