Tip #48: You Are In Charge.

Tip #48: Know that you, and only you, are in control of your mind.

The why: This is a great affirmation to keep repeating to yourself:

“I am in control.”

It’s short, simple, but so so important when you have anxiety.

IMG_1429.JPGHaving anxiety can make you feel like you’re losing control of both your body and your mind. Negative thoughts can rush in without your permission, you can’t shut your mind up, your body begins to have physical symptoms that you certainly did not approve of.

It’s terrifying.

But, unless there is some hypnotist lurking around taking away your free will, you are in control, even if it doesn’t always feel like it.

Let me hit you with a bit of reasoning here in the form of a philosophical argument:

  1. Your brain is causing your anxiety.
  2. If your brain is causing your anxiety, then it can also cause it to stop.
  3. Your brain is a part of you.
  4. You control your brain.
  5. Therefore, you can cause your anxiety to stop.

Think about all the times you’ve prevented yourself from having a panic attack, or stopped yourself from thinking about a song stuck in your head, or raised up your hand, or pretty much done anything ever.

You did those things because you told your brain to do them and your brain then told your body to do them.

You are in control. You always have been. You have it within you to make this stop.

But you have to believe that.

Of course, the body does things involuntarily sometimes. But anxiety is a mental phenomenon that then causes the physical, and the mental is a domain that you have control over when you have anxiety.

It can be a hard and long road recovering from anxiety, but it is within your power to IMG_4182.JPGdo so. This is not to say that you may have a miracle recovery through saying these words once, or that they may stop a panic attack in its tracks, or that you’re a failure if you can’t stop your anxious thoughts or feelings right away.

But over time, repeating this mantra, feeling strong and empowered and knowing that you can stop this, reprogrammes your mind into believing it, which then allows you to do exert more power over yourself.

Whenever you begin to feel yourself having a panic attack, keep repeating it. You are in control.

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