Tip #32: Think Lovely Thoughts

Firstly, if you’re wondering why this tip isn’t number 49, it’s because I just realised I missed out number 32 on the list. Whoops.

Tip #32: For every negative thought you think, get into the habit of thinking two good ones straight after.

FullSizeRender (15).jpg

The why: Anxiety can cause an eruption of negativity in your life.

Things you used to love become scary, the whole world becomes a potential booby-trap, and slowly life can begin to shrink into a ‘safe zone’.

A way to combat this is for every negative thought you think, make sure you balance it, and surpass it, with two positive ones.

For instance, if you think:

“Oh no, I said this thing today and it may not have gone down well. I’m a terrible person.”

Also think:

“This is a good thing I did for someone once.” and “I am a good friend.”

IMG_2552.JPGThe positive thoughts may seem fake at first, and you may not believe them initially. However, after sticking with this technique for a week or so, you will begin to see a notable difference in your thought patterns and thought process. It takes effort, but it’s worth it.

It’s about retraining your mind to see the world in a positive light. 

Just as your brain believes all the negativity it espouses, so too will it believe the positivity you feed it.

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