Tip #46: To Be Anxiety Free, No Coffee

Tip #46: Stop drinking coffee.

The why: Dear reader, I am so sorry.

Truly, I am.

coffeeeeeeBut you’re going to have to stop drinking coffee. Well, you don’t have to, I am sitting behind a screen miles away and can’t physically make you do anything, but I strongly recommend it. 

You see, too much caffeine can cause the onset of a panic attack, and exacerbate the physical symptoms that come with anxiety.

This is because the caffeine increases your heart rate and makes your brain far more alert and increases the volume of thoughts whooshing round your mind.

Your mind detects the increased heart-rate and the quickening thoughts and associates these symptoms with those of a panic attack. Because of this association, it then has one.

When I first developed anxiety I was on three coffees a day to make up for my lack of sleep due to having nightly panic attacks (which in hindsight, made everything so much worse as the river of coffee flowing through my veins meant I couldn’t sleep).

I noticed that when I decided to cut it out of my routine completely, the physical symptoms of my anxiety also decreased. I had much more control and clarity over my thoughts, and I began sleeping better.

But, this is not to say you need to give up on caffeine and energy altogether. We all need a good morning boost!

Here are three replacements I’d recommend:

Regular tea 

Tea doesn’t contain as much caffeine as coffee, but tastes delicious and still gives you a morning energy spike!

Green tea

Green tea also contains caffeine but is less of a hit than coffee. It also is said to aid with quickening the metabolism and detoxifying the body (not quite sure what that last one means, but it sounds good?)


smoothie-fruit-beverage-drink-161600 Smoothies can be a bit of a hassle to make at home, and the ingredients can be expensive unless you buy in bulk. However, if you go into most supermarkets past about 6pm, you’ll find they have tonnes of reduced fruit and vegetables for super cheap! Plus,
the smoothie maker I bought off Amazon cost £9.99 and has lasted for a year, so it’s a worthy investment.

The super energy boosting recipe I use is:

2 bananas
A handful of blueberries
1/2 cup of soy milk or regular milk
A handful of spinach 
1/4 Avocado
5 Strawberries

Losing coffee can feel miserable (I still crave the smell), but honestly just give it a trial for a week and see how you feel. There are plenty of great substitutes that don’t induce anxiety!

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