Tip #42: Let’s Go To The Movies

Tip #42: Make a list of movies that help get you out of an anxious mood.

The why: Sometimes life isn’t like a box of chocolates. Sometimes, life is a Russian Doll of stress. 

You open up one part and inside, more anxiety, open another part and inside, more fear open another part and inside, more things on the to-do list.

Gosh, it’s a bit much, isn’t it? Life keeps throwing things at you like some kind of robotic tennis ball shooter.

Sometimes, you just have to switch it off for a while.

FullSizeRender (9).jpgOne effective way to combine precious downtime and anxiety-busting antics is to watch a film.

But given that there are over 300,000 movies in existence, how can you possibly decide?

Well, I have collated a list of my top ten films that make me feel less anxious. (The one’s to my left are my mother’s).

Whether that be because they are so engrossing that my mind is distracted, so hilarious that I laugh my way out of being unable to breathe, or so awe-inspiring that I feel like I can conquer the world…

(I mean, conquer my anxiety *coughs suspiciously*)

Now, of course, everyone’s list will be different, you have to go with what works for you, but as an example, here is mine:

  1. Lord of the Rings – any of them. popcorn-movie-party-entertainment.jpg
  2. Harry Potter – any of them.
  3. UP
  4. 300
  5. The Bucket List
  6. Forst Gump
  7. It’s a Wonderful Life
  8. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  9. Avatar
  10. Bridesmaids

Now I know these are not necessarily the best movies in the world (though some are and if you disagree you’re wrong), but they are films that get me through some of the most stressful days of my life, and help me see the fun, good or hope in the world.

Make your list, and whenever feeling too anxious or stressed, watch and learn. 

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