Tip #38: What Will Your Three Words Be?

This tip may seem slightly bleak, but I promise it gets happier.

Tip #38: Imagine a presenter announcing your death on the 6 o’clock news. Imagine the three words that you would want them to use.

The why: I’ve noticed on the news, whenever stating the tragic loss of a life, presenters always use a list of three adjectives to describe that person.

They summarise their entire existence in three words. 


Some of the most anxiety-inducing things can be working out who you are, where you’re going, or what you want out of life.

But one way of figuring it all out that I have found useful is to ask yourself:

“What do I want my three words to be?”

Once you figure this out, you can adjust your life accordingly, and ask yourself whenever faced with a decision in life, a career, or love, if it’s going to help you become the person in those three words.

The phrase that will immortalise our entire existence (until the ivy covers us and the tombstone cracks) is decided by those we leave behind, based on what we did whilst we were here. Our entire self-hood is to be rewritten in the memories of others; our loves, our failures, our flaws, who we were on all the different days of our life; in three words or less.

And what will they say of you?

Alongside your epitaph is a line, stretching from the moment you are born into this world to the moment you depart it. But, not one of us knows how long our line will be. We are not the editor, the inscriber, we do not decide when, or often how, the story ends.
In fact, dear reader, the only choice we truly have is what happens in-between those two universally commonplace events. What extraordinary tales we will have to tell on the other side.

What we make of this glorious line.

book of nature.jpg

Here lies a self-less dreamer, lover, friend

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