Tip #37: Do It For Someone Else

Tip #37: Set your intention to overcome your anxiety, and keep in mind who you’re doing it for.

The why: Fear is a powerful emotion, but I believe there is a far more powerful force at work in the world (and no, it’s not the force in case you Star Wars fanatics are wondering).

Oh gosh, it’s so cliche, but it’s love. 

pexels-photo (1)When you have anxiety, you can get so wrapped up in your own mind, your own negative spin cycle that it can feel very, very lonely.

Sometimes even when you’re sitting down with a friend or a family member, your physical body may be present, but your mind is spinning out somewhere on cold Pluto.

Far, far away.

But the people you feel yourself floating away from, are also the people who can bring you back.

There are times with anxiety when you want to give up, when the thoughts are just too much, when you want nothing more than to find the nearest cave and become a hermit.

But, when you set your intention to overcome anxiety with the people you love in mind, you have a reason to keep going.

In all the horribleness, you know why you’re doing it. 

Do it for them.


My reason to keep fighting is the people who made me this adorable card.

My baby brother and sister. The lights of my life.

Whenever I feel it getting too much, or I catch myself thinking that I’ll never get better, or when my legs try to refuse to get out of bed, I think of them.

I think about how I want to be the best big sister I can possibly be, how I want to be able to enjoy every moment I spend with them, and how I want to show them that even the biggest and scariest monsters can be defeated.

When you’re doing it for someone else, giving up isn’t even an option.

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