Tip #31: Will It Matter In A Week?

Tip #31: Next time you’re worrying about something or feeling afraid, ask yourself this:

“Will it matter in a week?”

The Why: This is honestly one of the oldest anti-anxiety tricks in the book, but it’s timeless for a reason. It works.

If something goes wrong; you were late to work, someone says the dreaded words “we need to talk”, your crush didn’t text you back; think about whether future you will care about this minor setback.

Think about bad days as just that. Bad days. Bad moments.

They are transient. Tomorrow you’ll wake up, the sun will still rise, and the problem will be left firmly in the day before.


Think: will these losses affect you in the long-run? Will it drastically alter the path of your life? Will it matter in a week?

If the answer is no, as hard as it may be to switch your mind off, it’s going to be okay.

Don’t panic.

For the things that haven’t yet happened (the things you’re worried about happening in the future) ask yourself the same question:

“Will it matter in a week?”

If this presentation goes wrong, if you get the wrong answer in class, if a date goes badly, honestly, will it matter?

The answer, even though it may feel like the world is over, is no.

But sometimes, sometimes things can go reaaaalllly wrong. Or seem to.

You failed a test, you broke up with a beloved partner, you got fired.

What to do in this situation, besides grab the biggest tub of ice cream you can find and cry?

Extend the timeline.

Will it matter in a month, when you up your grades? Will it matter in a year when you find someone better? Will it matter in five years when you have your dream career?

I promise, no matter how awful it is right now. It won’t.

So long as you believe that it’s going to be okay, and recognise the transience and the terribleness of the rough times you’re going through, it won’t matter.

Nothing can stop you.

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