Tip #29: What To Know About Chest Pains

Tip #29: Chest pains after a panic attack are usually caused by the muscles in your ribs being over worked.


The why: Chest pains can be an incredibly scary symptom of a panic attack, as they can also be associated with more serious conditions such as a heart attack or lung problems.

However, chest pains when you have anxiety aren’t in the heart or lungs. They are in the muscles.

You know that feeling after a hard work out where all your whole body aches? No? Neither do I.

But for a second engage the brilliant imagination drive in your brain and think about how your muscles would feel after a hard workout. Rather sore right?

Well, it’s the same for the ones around your lungs and heart.

When you’re having a panic attack and hyperventilating, your ribs are having to expand and contract at an incredibly high frequency which they’re probably not used to.

This can cause the muscles to tear slightly, or overstretch themselves, which then causes the dreaded chest pain. But, it’s nothing serious.

A friend of mine who also has anxiety always thought that something was seriously wrong when she began to experience stabbing pains that felt like they were in her heart and lungs, which would then cause a further panic attack, making the chest pains worse.

Once I told her what it really was, her stress decreased greatly. Now when she has chest pains, she knows what she’s dealing with, and that she’s going to be okay.

The more you know, the less you fear. 

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