Tip #28: Colouring Isn’t Just For Kids

Tip #28: Get yourself a funky adult colouring book and some nice pens.

The why: When you become an adult, or even a teenager, certain activities become socially unacceptable. Not many people over the age of 10 are seen jumping in muddy puddles, clambering up trees, bouncing on bouncy castles, eating so much chocolate they pass out (okay, maybe not so much this one), or people succumbing to your best puppy-dog eyes look.

I say this is a great tragedy indeed.

However, one thing usually associated with children that has recently come into fashion for adults is: colouring books.

And thank the Lord they did.


Colouring books have really helped me in a few ways.

Firstly, they’re great for mindfulness and relaxation.

If you’re having trouble reducing anxious thoughts and feelings before you sleep, colouring can be a great way to switch your mind off until you’re ready to hit the pillow.

Due to the required precision of some of the colouring activities, they keep your mind completely occupied, which can stop anxious thoughts in their tracks. Almost like a form of meditation for those who find regular forms of meditation difficult to do due to panicky restlessness or low concentration levels.

They also make you feel like you’ve achieved something beautiful and creative. You’ve produced something pretty and you feel satisfied. This releases the happiness hormones to boost your mood!

Mine even has little affirmations:


Secondly, they’re great for doubling up as potential small gifts for people.

Once you’ve completed a colouring activity, you can use the beautiful drawings as birthday cards, thank you letters, or even to decorate someone’s house.

Giving gifts is a great way to make everyone feel good!

Thirdly, they’re just really really fun.

Most kids seem to have it a lot easier in life, naps whenever they like, food prepared for them, cuddling with soft toys without being judged (…not that I do that).

But I think what we’re most envious of is their creativity (and allocated arts and crafts time).

We don’t have to lose that as soon as we turn 10. We can keep the wonder alive. We can have fun.

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