Tip #25: Three Thing Challenge

Tip #25: Every day challenge yourself to do three things that scare you.

The Why: I’m not asking you to go sky diving, or deliver a speech to 10,000 people, or ask out your crush.

All I’m asking is that every day you do three things that push you, ever so slightly, out of your comfort zone.

It could be speaking in a meeting, going for coffee with a friend, taking the train instead of a bus, getting close to a dog, writing and posting a hilarious tweet, going for a walk around the block, telling a joke instead of holding back your wit.

IMG_2228.jpgThis is the key to living an anxiety free life.

You begin by doing the small, slightly scary things.

You do three every day.

Then you realise “hey, this isn’t so bad.”

And soon you’ll feel so fearless that you’ll be able to take on the biggest, bravest of tasks.

Wake up, challenge yourself, write down three small things/changes/tasks.

We can challenge each other. 

In the comments, write three things that you’ve challenged yourself to do today, and I’ll reply with three of mine.

We can do it together. 

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