Tip #24: Celebrate The Small Stuff

Tip #24: No matter how small the victory,  if it’s putting your hand up to speak in class, trying a new type of food, having a whole day without a panic attack, celebrate that achievement.

The Why: When you have anxiety it’s very easy to forget just how amazing you are for even slightly breaking out of the cycle.

Literally overcoming your own mind is a very difficult task.

There are two ways I would recommend of celebrating your fearless selves:

  1. Write it down

No matter how small it is, or even how big it is, make a list of all the things you’ve done that have required you to overcome your anxiety.

The reason for this is, even if it’s one thing every day, over just one week you will have a list of seven amazing victories. You can look back over these moments and tell yourself:

“You know what, I can do this.” 

Next time you’re feeling scared or worried about a certain event or action, you can lookFullSizeRender (19)at your list, see you’ve done it before and think:

“I’ve done it in the past and it was fine, I can do it again.”

Having a list like this is also good for the bad days, because with anxiety alas, there will be bad days.

But being able to look back at all the times you’ve overcome your fears, and all the progress that you have made no matter how seemingly menial, gives you a positive energy boost to continue and carry on and think:

“I can do this.”

Remind yourself that no matter how hard, you’re fighting back, and you’re winning.

2) Treat yourself

This is the fun part. Even if it’s just a square of chocolate or having a lovely bath, or watching an extra episode of your favourite TV show, for every anxiety-busting activity you take part in, treat. your. self. IMG_2377.JPG

Not only because you deserve it for fighting off your demons, but because rewarding yourself for being fearless will create positive associations in your mind.

Your brain will actively want to do scary things, because it knows it will be rewarded.

This process replaces the feeling of fear at the thought of doing something scary, with the feeling of joy at the potential treat, meaning that your anxiety will decrease in general.

Celebrate the small stuff.

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