Tip #22: Cute Things And Fluufs

Tip #22: Save five videos of adorable animals to your phone or computer, and whenever you feel anxious, watch them intently.


The Why: Because they’re damn cute. Do you really need more of a reason?

Fine. I concede. Here you go.

The reason is when in the midst of a bad mental health day, or when you’re feeling particularly anxious, it’s easy to believe that all the good in the world has gone (perhaps a tad dramatic).

So, by looking at adorable bunnies hopping merrily about, or micro pigs having a bath, or cats adopting a baby squirrel as their own, you can remind yourself that there is some hope and some joy in this life.

It sounds cliche, but it works.

When we look at something we find cute, our brain releases endorphins, and compels us to want to protect the cute fluffy things, which simultaneously gives the adrenaline rushing around our bodies a release valve.

Find the fluufs you love. 

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