Tip #20: Have A Mantra

Tip #20: Your mind is an incredibly powerful thing.

Just as it has the power to make you afraid, so it must also have the power to make you brave.

So far, we have spoken a fair amount about reprogramming your brain. One method of doing this is the power of the mantra.

“But”, I hear you say, “can words really cure my anxiety?”

Yes. They can. Having a mantra is just one simple way of utilising your words as weapons. Another good tool in the anti-anxiety kit.


My mantra is “I am safe. I am calm. I am happy.” – whenever I begin to feel a little bit strange, I repeat and repeat and repeat until I force my brain to accept it’s truth.

No matter how awful your feeling, if you have a mantra that you stick to and tell yourself over and over, eventually your brain will be forced to listen.

Pretend you’re a famous performer, and you are attempting to convince your audience that you are in fact a calm and totally non-anxious individual.

You tell them with such conviction how tranquil you are, you may even wish to throw in a few meaningful quotes about inner-peace for decoration. Eventually, because your words are such a powerful source of influence, and you are such a convincing thespian, the audience will believe you are truly fine and dandy.

Pretend that your brain is the audience, convince it that you are safe, calm and happy.

Have a mantra. 

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