Tip #19: Smile Like You Mean It

Tip #19: Smile.

The Why: This is a rather simple little tip. But a strong one nevertheless.

When you smile, it tricks your brain into thinking you are experiencing happiness.

Because your mind associates the action of smiling with being joyful, when you are smiling but not feeling so great inside, your mind gets confused.

IMG_4854“Why is my human not happy, they are smiling? Have they embarked on some sort of method acting course without my knowledge?”

In order to make up for the fact that you are not feeling happy on the inside, but are smiling, your brain believes it has some work to do. To fill the happy-gap, it releases endorphins and dopamine (the joyful hormones) to make the inside match the outside.

You may look slightly odd grinning away on a rainy day or on a very cramped train (I concede a lot of these tips may make you look a little strange). But, you will feel good. 

Fake it until you make it and smile. 

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