How To Keep Hydrated

Tip #16: I’m no doctor, but make sure you drink the recommended daily amount of water.

The Why: Did you know the human body is 70% water? All your cells, your organs, your muscles are like fish. They need plenty of water to survive.

Although drinking water is not a miracle cure for anxiety, it can help prevent or alleviate the symptoms.

Imagine for a second your brain as a massive defensive wall of gloop (a beautiful image I know). On one side of the wall is happy you, on the other, anxious you. Anxious you (Lord Voldemort in my case) is constantly looking for ways to get into your mind and take control. He keeps running at the wall (lucky he doesn’t have a nose to break), but the gloop bounces him off each time.

Your wall is strong but needs a constant supply of water to keep the gloop sticky and together.

What happens if you don’t drink enough water? The defensive gloop wall begins to harden. Lord Voldemort takes a run up and boom. He doesn’t bounce off. He’s cracked it. He’s in and fiddling with your heart rate.

This may seem a silly analogy, but it’s true.

If you don’t drink enough water, your brain isn’t working at full capacity. This allows anxious thoughts to sneak in unchallenged.

Keeping yourself hydrated also means your body is much stronger and more awake, making symptoms of anxiety easier to fight off.

Keeping track of how much to drink can be difficult. I prefer to buy a multi-use water bottle that actually tells you how much to drink, and by when. But, the typical recommended daily amount is six glasses of water throughout the day.

Keep your mental defences up. Drink water. 

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